Part 8:How to increase the income from a niche ebook website Andrew and Daryl Grant with more on our money-making ebook process. This is video number eight in the series, where we cover how to increase the income from a niche ebook website once it’s up and running. When we first started, we very nearly missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in income because we didn’t understand the importance of this step. Sometimes just small tweaks to a site can have a major impact on sales. In this video we show you what to change first to get the biggest increase in online sales (hint: it’s probably not what you think!). We also show you how to use split testing so you can measure increases in conversion rate. Test and measure to increase income. Split testing software to remove the guesswork. Google code to measure conversions per key word. Things to improve: sales letter—headline, testimonials, bonuses. Note: price is one of the least effective things to change. Often putting up price increases sales. Once conversion rate is at 1% or better, improve ads, key words to drive more traffic. Learn More at:

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