Learn How You Can Think and Grow Rich With This Facebook Marketing Mastermind

budurl.com Welcome to the Strategic Online Marketing Mastermind or SOMM (Facebook.com/StrategicMastermind) My name is JC Dawkins, and I’m a trained Social Media Marketing Strategist. I’ve been marketing online for a few years now. “A mastermind is the unification of two or more minds towards a common purpose, vision or goal.” ~ Unknown Every successful person, great team, and organization was founded by using the principle of masterminding from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I created this mastermind to provide a platform for sharing what members have learned and what they are still learning about online marketing. This mastermind is about community and sharing. You can join our mastermind calls as we discuss different topics about online marketing. You will be able to access information about: 1. Social media marketing strategy (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, plus others) 2. Effective tools and ideas to build your online, homebased business using online marketing. 3. Current challenges and roadblocks members may be facing JC Dawkins Blog — JCDawkins.com Twitter — @jc_dawkins Fan Page — @StrategicMastermind

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