Commentary 99 WC Guide (Money and Fast)

(Its not in the guide but the best wc xp now is Ivy) My 99 wc guide, Comment if you like it, Rate it if you want to, Subscribed if you wanna see more vids. Sorry for the Background buzz, but i got a new mic and it sounds so much better! 30-60 cut willows 60-75 cut willows 75-99 cut willows or yews 60-75 cut yews 75-99 cut magics Xp: Willow-67.5 each Yew-175 each Magic-250 each Willows – 50k xp per hour Teaks – 65k xp per hour Yews – 30k xp per hour Magics – 15k xp per hour 1-99 you need 13034431 xp 60-99 you need 12760689 xp 75-99 you need 11324010 xp Moola: 75-99 magics is around 65-70m 60-99 yews is around 35-40m Also helps you get seeds if u have a rabbit fooot neckless Logs: 60-99 you need 189, 047 willows 60-99 you need 72918 yews 75-99 you need 47296 magics 85-99 you need 55862 yews Up Coming Vids: 99 Fletching Guide Radom Vid 1 Ignore this: RuneScape is a JaGeX Ltd. game…wc w/c runescape woodcutting dragon dragonz level 99 guide skychi zezima 99 skill skillz skills luckeybucket tehnoobshow zezima0123 fatwrecked rs gino basiletti basiletti g Runescape Drag Killing Dragon Money Making video game web series zezima pl0x rune scape pk ownage 0wnage pure love rs rune scape pure pk ownage 0wn4ge 0wn4g3 full rune dragon whip attack str att def defence 99 agility 99 fletching wc woodcutting mining noob noobs n00bs fr00b n00b nooblet pure bounty hunter clan wars wildy owning wilderness World of warcraft RS vs WoW Uber 1337 skill ninja pwnage ownage cool awesome radical

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