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For a while, I was toying with the idea of building a website from scratch and not coming from a web designing background, was finding it difficult to get started.   I just didn’t know how to build a website.

Most of the places that I searched for answers at gave me partial solutions. Once while surfing the net I came across  which attracted me for the pure simplicity they claimed to bring to the process of building a website.

Upon giving it a try I realized how easy it was for me to not only create my own website but also monetize it. With a wide choice of templates, i was able to create a neat looking website in no time.

They provided me with options of advertising various affiliate products in sync with the content on my website through easy to fill forms. Using their mechanism I submitted my website to 125 top search engines for free which has helped me to get a steady flow of visitors. I have even added music to my website all courtesy

For people like me who have the ideas but not the technical know-how, gets my recommendation for setting up a dream website to explore the field of online marketing.

They have a great number of unique design templates (more than 300).  They offer over 300 MB webspace, and, what is totally different: they offer really a lot of extras for free to build a great website. This includes your own forums, newsletters, a member area, counter, guestbook, survey, contact form, pinboard (a really great Web 2.0 tool), galleries, link lists, password protection, gimmicks (for example our users can turn off the right mouse click on their websites with one click, in order to make copying content more difficult), intro, etc.

Check out the website I built.  

Start building your website now.

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