WRETCHED on CAPITAL CHAOS 2009 @ The Boardwalk~Orangevale, California 6/19/2009 also on the bill were SEXCIETY, KILLWHITNEYDEAD & THE DEMONSTRATION Bursting with tight riffs and strong melodies, WRETCHED are prepared to make their mark in the metal world with their new take on old school thrash metal. A recent addition to the VICTORY RECORDS roster, these North Carolina musicians have their sights set on breaking the metal stereotype. www.victoryrecords.com WRETCHED began as a jam band in 2005 and have been recording demos ever since. Steven Funderburk (guitar) and Marshall Wieczorek (drums) knew the first time that they played together that there was a strong connection. Throughout their three short years, the band has progressed in knowledge of music theory and composition, which has been a big benefit in making quality music. We always make sure our songs and music are structured very well and are carefully thought out, states Funderburk. We put feeling and soul into our music, and we write it to the best of our ability. Not only do they practice weekly as a group, they all maintain strict individual practice routines to progress as musicians this is proof of their dedication to excel in their craft and not be content to go through the motions. www.myspace.com Gaining a strong following in their home state of North Carolina that spans as far as Texas and New York, the band believes that online promotion and communication with fans at shows have helped in making

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