WHO on Pandemic Flu: “Spin It “

LAIV (live intranasal influenza vaccine) causes side effects that are identical to influenza symptoms. It is also known to cause contagious disease in at least 2% of recipients. Two percent may not sound like much, but when it is 2% of tens of thousands, this amounts to a lot of people being able to communicate influenza acquired via LAIV. Keep in mind that influenza accounts for only about 15% of seasonal ‘influenza-like illness’ (ILI). CDC estimates that 5-20% of the population gets influenza every year. If you vaccinate 50% of the population with LAIV and 2% become infectious, this is means you have created 1/5 to 1/20 of the infectious flu cases that a normal seasonal flu would create, just by vaccination alone. With a highly contagious disease like H1N1, it does not seem such a stretch to consider that this could, in itself, launch a pandemic. CDC figures on flu infection percentage by population, refered to by FDA www.docstoc.com More on LAIV : cdc.gov Increase in cases and deaths since the introduction of the LAIV: www.cdc.gov cbs5.com WHO states it wants to ‘spin’ the influenza pandemic to maintain political interest so that governments will want to invest in vaccine production and stockpile vaccines.: 19 October 2007 WHO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland A major risk factor is the underlying assumption that there will in fact be a pandemic. If there is not a pandemic within the next five years, there may be loss of interest and political awareness, and other public health

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