What if Scientology actually made a TRUTHFUL infomercial?

Protected Under FAIR USE. Download: tinyurl.com What if Scientology came out publicly as the money-making, soul-raping scam that it is? Their infomercial would probably look something like this. Presenting “Make Money! Make More Money! Make Other People Make Money! The Scientology Way.” Inspired by the very words — and policies — of con-man and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic founder L. Ron Hubbard. Edited using existing footage from Scientology’s annual summit — which, on its own already plays like an over-long infomercial. Discover the Truth about Scientology: www.Xenu.net www.XenuTV.net www.Enturbulation.org www.Scientology-Lies.com http www.ExScientologyKids.com This video is protected under United States Fair Use doctrine, as outlined here… en.wikipedia.org

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