Web design for small business?

Web design is concerned with visual design, information design, and interaction design, in near equal parts. The latter two, in particular, can have significant ramifications for the design of the back end of a transactional system. Ecommerce Website Design is not a science and each site is a new creation born of innovative thinking and strategic planning. We design custom websites only and start from a blank page with endless possibilities. Web design is an interface-intensive profession: we use 3+ programs at once and navigate between dozens of folders on an average project. When designing a comp, I use over 50 distinct commands in Photoshop alone (not counting the web browsing, email, and Illustrator commands).

Small Business Web Design is best when it helps people to remember the product or service it supports, and not itself. Therefore, good web design often shows restraint and clarity. Ecommerce Web Site design is the process of putting together a website from conception to online publication. Consideration is given to each component that will ultimately render a website usable by its target audience. Web design is an important visual aspect of this, but what good is a spinning logo if no one can find the information or product they are looking for?

Information design is not about the use of good typefaces, it is about the use of good typography. Which is a huge difference. Information is also an interesting place to draw a line between design and art. Art conveys emotion but doesn?t have to communicate information or ensure that the viewer ?understands?

Website construction is a minefield. If you have a map you’ll be fine, but if you think it looks easy and go charging in you’ll end up coming apart! Websites are interactive in a user-controlled way. On a website you can navigate by clicking, contacting people, shopping, writing and more. Websites straight out of my typography class in college. You can always see the difference between a webmaster who is programmer or designer.

Everyone knows that search engines can refer huge numbers of sales prospects to a company’s website. In fact, the latest figures from Nielsen/Net Ratings is that web users now conduct 500+ million searches each and everyday – and the number is steadily growing. Everyone does not consider themselves a designer. But everyone who has a keyboard considers themselves a writer.

Professional web site development requires a lot more than a flashy design. It requires experience and knowledge of current design principles that provides quality results on all levels. Professional web graphic design is what will attract your visitors at first! Let’s leave the usability question to the experienced web developers and focus on graphics since it is the issue we are going to talk about in this article.

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