runescape MONEY MAKING WAY quick 1m

ok just do high detail on the vid right below OK I JUST WANT TO SAY SORRY FOR THE LAGGING AND SPELLING MISTAKES NOT MY FAULT BUT THE VEGAS PRO 8 BUT MY APOLOGIZE;) OH AND DONT BE TO HARD ON ME ITS JUST MY 1 VID EVER MAKED IN 2 HOUR:p ok here is the way go to the ge(grand exchance) and buy as much green dragon hides as you can and rub your glory to al kharid;) then go to the shopseller see vid then bank your green d hide and repeat it 😉 i just want my special thanks to pringles343 and rsleeuw runescape is not from me it is from jagex ltd i only use this for a method i repeat I AM NOT OWNING RUNESCAPE RUNESCAPE IS OWNED BY JAGEX LTD

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