Runescape Money Making Guide F2P

***Watch In High Quality*** -Ninth Video, but this one isn’t for the Pkers. It’s for people who are stuck without membership (like I was) and are looking for a great, fast way to earn money, Subscribe if you like. Step By Step Instructions: 1. Go to the grand exchange and buy plain pizzas and anchovies (you can buy raw anchovies if you don’t want to wait for cooked anchovies to be bought in the GE, but cooking them slows down this method, although you will make more GP profit since raw anchovies cost less than cooked ones) 2. Next, use an anchony on a plain pizza (or visa-versa). After using an anchovy on a pizza and converting the pizza into an “Anchovy Pizza”, you will make around 60-75 gp profit per pizza (depending on the prices at the time as well as if you buy/sell for max/min price). Anchovy pizzas normally sell for mid-max price in the Grand Exchange. 28 pizzas can easily be completed in a single minute, earning a profit of around 2k per minute. This also gives around 65k cooking xp per hour, making it a very fast way to get 99 cooking for members and non members. This is for both f2p skillers and kids who need some money. ***If you don’t have 55 cooking, this can easily be achieved by buying raw trout at around 24 gp each, cooking them, and reselling them for around 22 gp each. With this method, 55 cooking can be reached with under 20k and in less than 2 hours. -Here’s another great way to make money in Runescape: I purchased the song

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