RE: Howtheworldworks (Part 1)

The faith over fact brigade are not only annoying, but their dis-information is a hazard to society. Especially money whores like Howtheworldworks whose actions betray the sentiment that there is nothing more to life than money. The point that people like this always seem to overlook is the necessity for SOCIETY. Howtheworldworks is quite a piece of work. Hes like vernomfangx aka posterboy for creationist stupidty. He can put out enough bullshit in a couple of minutes to take hours to debunk. Similar to PCS he apparently has no morals about stating opinion as fact with absolute conviction. Indeed the only difference between PCS and HTWW seems to be one will make up any bullshit to sustain his belief in god, the other will make up any bullshit in an attempt to make money. Folk like this are disruptive and harmful to the health of society and need to get called on it.

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