Part 2 of 2 How to Register a Web Domain Name Yourself Neil Hanekom 904-477-1982 Can I register a domain name myself? How can I register a domain name? Register domain name free? How do I register a web domain? Best places to register a domain name? Register your own domain name and Ill even show you how to get some coupons that will give you a discount on the registration First of all, let me ask you a question. If you own a business is it important to have your own website in this Information Age? If you think that it is important then you need to have your own customized domain name. The problem is that it is hard to decide what domain name you should get and where to find it. Ive found a very good site for domains and I use it for all of my domain registration. Today I want to show you the benefits of having a custom domain name and I will show you how to register it for yourself. Now, what are some of the benefits of having your own domain name? 1. Increases name recognition (Branding) 2. Makes it easy for your people to remember where to find you 3. Suggests that you are a serious business person and professional 4. It helps to get easier located on search engines 5. You own it, it is yours forever 6. Custom email addresses How to set up account. 1. I use Godaddy so go to 2. In the middle of the mage you will see Start a Domain Name Search blank 3. Type in the domain name that you want and the press go I suggest using your First and Last name for your first search 4. It will show you

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