Making Money with BANS, the Ebay Affiliate Software

I’m going to start this post off with the qualification that I’ve heard a lot about Ebay not liking the BANS software and banning people who use it.  This may or may not be just a viscious rumor but user beware.

With that being said, the Build a Niche Store (BANS) software is fairly easy to sue and very easy to master after you work through your first store.  I’d give their user’s manual a C grade.  There’s just enough there to get the beginner started but not enough to solve problems or for the experienced programmer.

The concept is to build a store around Ebay listings and when user’s click on the listings and then sign up with Ebay or bid and win an item, you get paid a commission.

We’ve made some very good commissions with the Ebay affiliate program but have also seen many people get banned by Ebay for unknown reasons, so I wouldn’t stake my food budget on this program.  But the potential is there for very large earnings.

The BANS store takes about 10 minutes to install and set permissions.  To get a basic store with products up and running takes about 10 more minutes.  Customizing can take anywhere from 10 minutes to hours depending on how unique and how complex you make your store.  I think the basic templates that come with the software are adequate but you’ll want to look around for more unique templates after a while.  Some are free and some have a premium price.

Overall, I’d give the software a B grade compared to other affiliate program software.  To order your copy, click here.

I’d love to hear from others using this.

22 thoughts on “Making Money with BANS, the Ebay Affiliate Software

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