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In this article I will show you a great way to make money online on autopilot, or as they say, make money on autopilot while you sleep. Is it really possible to make money while you sleep? Or to make money on autopilot? According to the word autopilot means a cognitive state in which you act without self-awareness; “she went about her chores on automatic pilot”; “too much of the writing seems to have been done on automatic pilot”; “she talked and he dozed and my mind went on autopilot” Autopilot is synonymic to automatic pilot, which is “a navigational device that automatically keeps ships or planes or spacecraft on a steady course .” We have heard of horror stories of pilots which either fell asleep or even were drunk, yet with the autopilot system the aircraft arrived safely at its destination. The same can be done when trying to make an income or make money online. The best way to make money and generate a residual cash flow is by utilizing the internet. The good news is that the internet never sleeps. And if you can utilize an online system that can turn cyberspace into a legal money printer, you can make money and generate a streamlined cash flow. The internet never sleeps, that is why it is so effective. With the advance of the internet, anybody can make money online today. Young and old are learning how to generate a residual cash flow online on autopilot. What they do and what prospective internet entrepreneurs need is a turn key automated hands off

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