How To Get Traffic To Your Website – 3 Internet Marketing Tactics – Online Marketing Tactics & Tips I’ve been doing internet marketing for nearly 9+ years. I’ve tried and tested MANY different ways to make money and bring traffic to my websites. Over the years, I have found out CONSISTENT results from 3 marketing tactics. Yes, I know there are HUNDREDS (if not THOUSANDS) of ways to bring traffic to your website. But out of all those, I found the MOST CONSISTENT & BEST results from these 3 marketing tactics. Here are the 3 internet marketing tactics that I have had best results with. 1) Email Marketing – You build a list using an autoresponder service such as aweber or getresponse (I recommend aweber). You build a relationship with your list (with automated sequenced emails). Then, you get to sell any products to your list because of the relationship you develop with your list. 2) Article Marketing – You write articles and sumbit to the major article directories. From there, people will be able to click on your website link in your resource box (under your article). This can bring massive amounts of traffic to your website. 3) Video Marketing – You create videos and submit to the major video directories on the internet like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. You get to put your website link in the description box of each video. People who want more information can click on your website link (in description box) and thus you will get massive traffic to yoru website. The GREAT thing about these 3 marketing tactics is that once you do them, they can

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