Free Web Hosting: Forward & masking your .com website to Dropbox

This tutorial shows you how to forward your website, and mask it to your public Dropbox folder. This is convenient especially for small/ personal websites. Most places where you purchased your domain offers free hosting, but they require you to support their own ads! So, instead of hosting it on the free web host they provided, you can actually host your site on a dropbox public folder. I wouldn’t use this tutorial to host a company website. iMaCarly did a great tutorial using a .tk domain, along with dropbox, 100% free! Check the video out here. Some people do not want a .tk as their website and would like a .com. You can purchase one through GoDaddy around $10. (Sometimes they have sales during the holidays for $2!) If you do not want to pay hosting fee’s you can then follow this tutorial if you like! Here is a link to a video i previously did on “How to make a basic iWeb Page” Here’s a video I did on DropBox Shoutout to: JDSpiderman3 for the INTRO!

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