easy ways to make money in runescape part 2!

WARNINGS: MAKING TELEPORT TABLETS GIVES MAGIC XP: DONT COMPLAIN IF YOU LEVEL MAGIC BECAUSE OF ME! HEHE ___Video information___ Well… I started this video around 3-4 months ago, It was going to be part 2 to ‘5 easy ways to make money in runescape’ but as you can see there are only 3 ways in this video, that is because i couldn’t think of anymore and kinda had other things to do in the process. I hope this video is able to help people that find it hard to make money. :::: Some of the methods in this video may appear overused or w/e, well please no spam for that as I don’t watch any other money making videos and give us a break this took me a while to make. :::: I find it quite hard making guides like this and i made it thanks to a few nice people that commented on my last money making video. ‘Wow thanks this helped me sooo much i know got 10m!!!’ This is the positive feedback I enjoy reading a really makes me want to make more videos just to see more like this :]. Tbh i kinda let myself go in this and youy can see at the end the editing slips a bit, I just couldn’t be bothered really and am annoyed at myself for letting it look like this 😡 I could have posted this a few months ago with more effort sorry :{ IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS VIDEO OR RUNESCAPE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO WATCH THIS. Sorry for the long info just wanted to tell you all 😀 PS GOAL FOR THIS VIDEO 1k VIEWS FROM 20/6/2009 to the 27/6/2009 WILL KEEP YOU UPDATED 😀 SPECIAL THANKS TO

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