Dragon Pickaxe Guide Commentary

[Read] This is a guide on how to get a dragon pick. Great money making and it’s easy. The giant dwarf and Forgiveness of a choas dwarf quests are required for you to go here. Full penance can be obtained by playing the Barbarian Assault minigame(activity) and the enhanced excalibur can be bought from lady of the lake after Seers diaries easy-hard. Yes i forgot to add you can wear other things such as full guthans and you can bring a whip with a prayer book, but i find my way most affective. ~ Yes full penance and enhanced excalibur are well worth getting. You can use them for many more things than just getting d picks~ **Once the dwarfs turn non-aggressive you can put on the penance and start recharging your prayer, once recharging go and attack the lvl 48 Chaos dwarfs and the cannoneers while they are fighting the black dwarfs. When prayer is full, pray melee and kill dwogres. Then repeat.** note: do NOT kill black guard dwarfs they do NOT drop dragon picks or anything else worth getting. I have noticed that the lvl 48 Chaos Dwarfs drop picks for me more than the cannoneers or the dwogres. I usually get 2-3 handcannons, 1k-1.5k shots, and sometimes a 7m split or a dpick to myself each trip along with runes and charms. Hope this guide helped- Subscribe, Like, and leave a comment. =)

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