Blogging for Beginners

1. First things first, decide on what you want your blog to be about. It could be just about anything. Music, food, literature or history simply choose one and get the ball rolling. A great tip for choosing a blog topic is to make it as specific as possible. The idea is to grab the attention of your target audience. For example, you want to write about poetry but poetry is such a general subject. So instead, opt to write about the works of your favorite poet to further narrow it down. In turn, other people who are fans of the same poet would surely visit and read your blog posts.

2. Choose between free hosting and hosted blogs. There are plenty of websites that host blogs for free. The most popular blogging service would be blogger but there are plenty of others that are just as great. Check out Livejournal, WordPress and Xanga. You can also opt to use a paid blog service which you would have to pay for every year. There are relatively cheap blog hosts out there such as WordPress that offer great flexibility as well as freedom to customize it however which way you want to.

Once you have your chosen between a free service and a paid one, its time to take things further and try making money off your blogging. The easiest way to do this is by joining pay per click ad networks such as Google Ad sense. All you need to do is sign up, copy the code which would be given to you, paste it somewhere on your blog’s layout and advertisements would soon show up. Every time a person clicks on said ad, you earn a bit of money depending on how much the advertiser is paying. It may not be a lot at first but the more traffic you get, the more clicks you get and you basically earn more money. Now, what’s better than that? You get to write about what you like and earn money as well.

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