A Million Dollar Team of Marketing Experts ready to help you

Over US$1m in business sales advice for your business www.yourbusinesschannel.com You’re watching this show because you want more sales and more success. So we’ve assembled a team of business legends to create the ultimate TV Series just for you. Every week you get to be a fly on the wall in some of the most revealing business meetings. See how the masters get outrageously good results. And then apply the thinking to your business to make money. But right now, let’s meet your marketing team. It’s a dream team with dozens of big name business experts, each with the skills and experience to totally transform your business. No normal business could afford this line up, but thanks to yourBusinessChannel you’ll be accessing all their know how and experience * Penny Power, social networking authority and founder of the world’s leading online business network, ecademy.com. * Tom Smith, social media expert at Universal McCann, the company that tells some of the world’s biggest companies how best to spend their marketing dollar. * David Meerman Scott, online marketing guru and author of the international bestseller The New Rules of Marketing and PR. * Dr Ivan Misner, business networker extraordinaire and founder of BNI — the world’s biggest business network with over [how many] members. * Bob Young, CEO and founder of Lulu.com – and the man responsible for one of the biggest first day gains on the NYSE ever. * Dozens of the top experts, viral directors and networkers from

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