How much does it cost to create a website?

Concern by Nearly Popular: How considerably does it price to produce a web site?
I’m thinking of making a web site like put up mystery but I have heard that it costs like $ one hundred every calendar year. I was hoping it to cost beneath $ 50 lead to I am hunting to help save some funds and make income off the internet site like promote and use the PPC approach. Is there any internet site that will come with a deal beneath $ fifty but involves the web hosting and domain.

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Answer by Lucy Woman
The much more free a web site internet hosting becomes, the more most likely that they make income off of your web site by positioning their own advertisements and not making it possible for your ads. Just felt I essential to give you a heads up. And you are conversing about conserving 14 cents a day. What is the genuine cause why you are not creating the site? You can do a element time evening/weekend task for a single thirty day period and make a whole lot a lot more cash than adverts on a put up key site more than a yr.

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How do I set up GoDaddy with WordPress?

Question by Derek: How do I set up GoDaddy with WordPress?
I am on a Mac and already created my WordPress site locally with MAMP. Am I able to simply upload the folder to GoDaddy after I register for a domain and hosting? How would I go about doing this.

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Answer by Greg
Hi Derek,

I use the same setup, although I use GoDaddy for domain registration only.

I would setup a fresh install of WordPress at the host of your choice. That would mean uploading a fresh set of WordPress files and installing WordPress on your live site.

GoDaddy has their own script for installing WordPress. You could use that as well.

If you have significant content on your local site, you can export it in WordPress to a file and then import that file into your online site. See the Tools menu in WordPress for this.

You probably know that most of the settings in WordPress, including plug-in and theme settings, are in the database.

I have made the mistake of exporting and importing the WordPress database. One problem you’ll have with that is your URL’s will be incorrect on your live site, since they reference localhost instead of your live domain. That’s why I recommend you start with a fresh site.

I haven’t looked, but there may be a plug-in that will allow you to backup an entire site, including the database, so you can copy the site to another location.

On Hosting:
GoDaddy is a great domain registrar, but they are not a good long term choice for a web host (in my opinion). I have seen far to many cases of people having issues with GoDaddy hosting. There is some logic to keeping your domain registration and hosting separate as well.

A good “shared hosting” service would be a better choice, if you can afford it. I recommend and use Hostgator Their cheapest plan is around $ 8/month.

I hope this helps answer your question.

Best of luck on all of your future projects.

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Q&A: how do I keep my domain name, but move to another webhosting company?

Question by fernandez8607: how do I keep my domain name, but move to another webhosting company?
I have a website and I am not happy with the web hosting company. I know that I can keep the name, because I registered the name. What other steps do I need to take and can you suggest other companies for designing website and hosting?

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Answer by Brandon
If you control your name, you just need to point the dns servers where you have it registered to the new host account.

For excellent support and very reliable service, I do like ICDSoft best. There are cheaper. They are, um, cheaper.

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