Web hosting space needed?

Question by Brian: Web hosting space needed?
im about to buy a hosting setup for my domain however i have no idea how much space you need obviously it cost more for more space and bandwidth but on the other side i dont want to go over and then pay fees. How much space do you think a site will take up using 10 pages with a few images on each, navigation bar and a wordpress theme? The lowest option is 500mb at £2.50 per month do you think this is good enough for a small business start up? I will be expanding more and more every day.

In addition do you think it is worth paying a one off £25 for search engine submissions? it submits my site to 400 search engines.

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Where to Find More WordPress Themes via bluehost?

Question by Jennifer: Where to Find More WordPress Themes via bluehost?
I just imported (or am in the process) my wordpress.com blog to my bluehost hosted site. When I had the free wordpress, I had the Forever theme. Now with Bluehost, there are only a few themes to choose from on WordPress. Can I download the Forever theme somewhere or are there more themes I can browse that are similar to that style? Right now I only see a few themes. I think my wordpress.com content is still in the process of importing. It’s been doing so for about an hour now. Is that normal with a lot of content? Thanks.

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Answer by Arun V
Hey you can install any number of themes using the WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you could search the required theme on Google or yahoo search engines and download them and upload to your blog Its simple and easy

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Q&A: How can I make WordPress my website homepage?

Question by flightman24: How can I make WordPress my website homepage?
I have a self hosted website and I want to get WordPress. I know how to upload the files and stuff, but I want to keep this theme


How can I do this?

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Answer by Steve
You will need to download WordPress from the WordPress.org site and install it on your webserver by unpacking the files and uploading them to the site root. Once you have wordpress installed you can download the theme that you linked. Unzip this file and upload the directory to the wp-content/themes/ directory on the site. Once the directory is in the theme directory you should be able to use the Theme picker inside of wordpress admin to chose the new theme you uploaded.

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