WordPress Client Server Help?

Question by –: WordPress Client Server Help?
I have already set up an account with WordPress, and now I am trying to upload this theme that I have on my computer that I downloaded from the WordPress Theme Gallery, I’ve already downloaded the FileZilla program needed, but I am stuck on what to put into the host, username, and password. I don’t know where to get the IP or host name that was “supposed” to be given on WordPress. Can anyone please help? Thank you so, so much in advance!

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Answer by Peter B.
WordPress is the name of not only the free blog site, WordPress.com, but the actual software that powers your blog. Anybody can download the WordPress software, it’s free to do so.

If by ‘set up an account with WordPress’ you mean you’ve set up a free WordPress blog at www.wordpress.com, unfortunately you can’t upload custom themes. If you’ve got a WordPress blog hosted somewhere else then you will need to contact your host.

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FileZilla uploading wordpress them to host ?

Problem by Corporate mafia serving given that 1776: FileZilla uploading wordpress them to host ?
Alright I’m extremely new to all this I want to unzip a top quality theme I baught from a zip folder which I believe I can do.And then I have to get a FTP client (FileZilla) to add the unzipped theme to WordPress wp articles/themes/folder which is supposidly on my hoster (host gator).I want to have my website up and running so I can function on it and so forth but just before I can perform with it I require to do all this…effectively it truly is a bit much for me Lol is this straightforward to do.Do you believe it truly is protected to shell out a person to do this I assume it really is achievable I can mail them my concept zip folder and my host gator log which is not to undesirable correct? I never believe I can do this

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Response by Teresa
You don’t want to rent someone. It is effortless. Go to your wordpress site. Simply click on themes, then the tab at the prime that says put in themes. When you do that you will see a link that says upload. Click that and simply click browse or select file. when the box opens go to your downloads and find your file. Double click on it and then click put in now. It is that straightforward. You do not need to get in touch with hostgator or spend a dime. I have a wordpress website as effectively and it’s really easy once you get the hang of it. If you need to have more info on the plugins and widgets, allow me know.

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