I have a problem with index.php – wordpress theme. Help!?

Query by Dame: I have a issue with index.php – wordpress theme. Assist!?
I set up my new wordpress concept but I hold acquiring this error on the property page of the theme.

Warning: incorporate(layouts/) [purpose.contain]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line 13

Warning: contain(layouts/) [purpose.incorporate]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line 13

Warning: contain() [operate.include]: Failed opening ‘layouts/’ for inclusion (contain_path=’.:/usr/regional/share/pear’) in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line thirteen

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Colanth
Set up WordPress to the root directory, not deep down in the tree, the way you did.

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Q&A: Index.php problem on my wordpress theme?

Issue by Dame: Index.php problem on my wordpress concept?
I set up my new wordpress theme but I retain finding this error on the home web page of the theme.

Warning: contain(layouts/) [operate.incorporate]: failed to open up stream: Operation not permitted in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line 13

Warning: include(layouts/) [function.consist of]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line thirteen

Warning: contain() [function.incorporate]: Failed opening ‘layouts/’ for inclusion (include_route=’.:/usr/regional/share/pear’) in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line thirteen

How can I correct this?

Best solution:

Solution by santhoz_31
Examine the following post,

http://santhoz-teaches.blogspot.com/2009/02/wordpress-baked-very hot.html

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How to change the theme of wordpress?

Query by phoenixashes: How to change the theme of wordpress?
I have a weblog from wordpress.com. I have witnessed several websites with free of charge themes for wordpress. But to set up them it occurred to be that I have to have the wordpress two.5 software from wordpress.org.

I downloaded WordPress two.five but was clueless as to how to use it. I was advised I ought to have a net internet hosting internet site, but my weblog is just my personalized 1, which is it. I do not see a want to shell out for net hosting. I just want to transform the concept of my present blog, which is it. Any tips?

Many thanks in advance.

Ideal reply:

Solution by niknah
Indeed, you are going to have to get a net hoster that has php + mysql to install your very own duplicate of wordpress on, or set up individuals things on your very own laptop or computer and leave it on all the time to host it right here.
Look for xampp if you want to set up it on your very own computer.

They permit you edit the css if you pay out for a top quality support but that may possibly not be sufficient if your theme is greatly customized.

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Q&A: Premium WordPress Theme For Free ?

Query by Internet Programmer: Top quality WordPress Concept For Cost-free ?
How to download Top quality WordPress Theme for totally free, lately my friend advised me that we can down load premium wordpress templates for free. From which internet site i should download, i dont know the site even. so u men and gals please inform me how to obtain premium worldpress template four cost-free for hosted internet site…

Ideal reply:

Solution by Hazel Welton
Exactly. nowadays wordpress providing wide variety of free themes these are actually desirable and friendly. If you want to know much more about, see this web page:

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Free WordPress hosting?

Issue by Jeroen: Totally free WordPress hosting?
I’m searching for a free of charge WordPress hosting service, that let us me upload my personal plugins and themes. Is this feasible, if so, what’s the greatest service? Many thanks!

Greatest solution:

Answer by July John
Just attempt this totally free world wide web internet hosting

They also offer an car installer that allow you set up your favorite software like wordpress, joomla, drupal and and so forth.

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How do I use a custom downloaded wordpress theme.?

Problem by Kelly: How do I use a tailor made downloaded wordpress concept.?
I know how to download,
I know how to unzip it.
I know about ftp software program(Quite NEW AT IT)
I dunno how do connect it,
all i know is i nid host, username and password,
and i hope to get all these carried out free..
is there a way?
a much more certain remedy pls..
Do not kinda get the java and projecthelps 1..

Greatest reply:

Reply by szise
check http://www.hu.tl for free of charge world wide web hosting with no ads, right after the registration you will get an account and password to login, you can use the script installer for wordpress, if you need to have assist can inquire in their forum or the assist.

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