Q&A: We’re setting up a hostingsite. I have a program called WHMCS and a site. But I don’t know how to get cpanel.

Issue by Harris: We’re setting up a hostingsite. I have a system named WHMCS and a site. But I never know how to get cpanel.
Can an individual plz inform me how to get Cpanel for my clientele or any other Control Panel.
I want to spend it by a month to month foundation if probable.

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Answer by jaxicle

Obtain Alternatives are on that web page.

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Is it a must to ask for SSN or Tax ID if you run an affiliate program in the United States?

Issue by John.exe: Is it a need to to request for SSN or Tax ID if you operate an affiliate software in the United States?
I want to know is it unlawful not to inquire for SSN or Tax ID? If so what are the measures in producing folks submit their SSN? Who do I mail this information too? I sell net hosting and the billing software package that I received (WHMCS) has a built in affiliate system, but they do not consult for SSN or Tax ID in the script. Any support would be excellent!

Thank you!

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Reply by Bash Limpbutt’s Oozing Cyst©
WHMCS is a privately owned firm primarily based in the Uk. (United kingdom Registered Company #6265962. Vat No. GB 927 7746 76)

They could care much less about your SSN and won’t be asking for it. They are not matter to US tax laws considering that they have no operations in the US. Considering that you are not a United kingdom consumer they won’t be asking for any United kingdom specific tax data.

You, on the other hand, as a reseller, might require to ask for a TIN from your consumers that are primarily based in the US.

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How can i make some quick legal money from the internet with my Savings account?

Question by decent: How can i make some quick legal money from the internet with my Savings account?
desire various ways of making money on internet quick computer moderately slow

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Answer by gobonzzo
Congratulations!! You have won $ 5.6 million. To claim your winnings all you have to do is send me all your money* for shipping, insurance and taxes.

*The entire contents of your savings account will suffice.

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Looking for tips on web designing…?

Question by lookinforexcitement: Looking for tips on web designing…?
Okay, I’m trying to expand into web design, but I don’t know where to start. I have little expereience with Microsoft FrontPage & Dreamweaver. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can learn web design for beginners?

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Answer by Nick
I posted on your other question over here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/?qid=1005123101571

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Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset

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Q&A: I manufacture and produce a children’s craft product and need help with online marketing beyond ebay?

Question by Mumjajarose: I manufacture and produce a children’s craft product and need help with online marketing beyond ebay?
My paper product is useful at all times for decorating and wearing. Many organizations already have heard about me through direct mail campaigns buy frequently. This includes camps libraries and schools. However, since I have stopped the direct-mail on account of the expense, and have focused on eBay sales I feel I have limited my market. What I would like to know are some doable beginning steps for online marketing beyond eBay?

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Answer by Robsthings
Direct mail is great, and there are mailing lists out there (school databases) that are free. I would recommend a direct mail postcard campaign, try and get in some catalogs, also you might want to target colleges with education programs – the cool things they discover in their college classes (and build lesson plans around) they tend to take into their jobs as innovative ideas.

Good Luck!

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Q&A: What is the best way to promote your web hosting website?

Issue by Noname: What is the very best way to advertise your internet hosting website?
Howdy, I not too long ago purchased a reseller, and got a WHMCS trial licence for my internet hosting business, I’ve decreased the rates a good deal, and I require approaches of getting buyers.

Can an individual advise me techniques to get a lot more clients, or websites that I can promote on?

Thank you 🙂

Very best solution:

Solution by VE9A
article ur company’s internet site an options here
http://discussion boards.whirlpool.net.au/

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Q&A: Advice on self teaching of Web & Database Design?

Question by jeffh: Advice on self teaching of Web & Database Design?
When I was in my early teens, I played around with Web Design and Networking. Without any guidance or books, I taught myself some of the fundamentals and additional information. However, due to a bad time with IT staff in college (who had no passion for the subject), I lost interest.
Despite this, after a 6 year absence, I’ve decided to re-ignite my passion for Web & Database Design.
I would like to self teach myself to build web sites with full interactive capabilities and features with a view to eventually building something complex for a commercial venture.
However, with so many different scripting languages and Database platforms around, please could the good people reading this point me in the right direction and refresh me with what order I need to start learning things in (i.e.: What are the basics, what would I then move onto to build upon this etc..).
All of your help is appreciated.

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Answer by Scotty Doesn’t Know
The landscape has changed since you were last into it. I would consider learning the Microsoft VB.NET (and ASP.NET) platform.

You’ll also need to know SQL if you’re planning on interacting with any database tables.

Another entry-level product that you can learn a lot with is Microsoft Expression Web.

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Versailles – Episode 6

Summer loses it. The comedy follows a brother and sister as they mount a public access talk show from the basement of the local library. The damaged duo’s scheme is actually a desperate attempt to live out their fantasies and escape the legacy of their dearly departed mother, a TV star and B-movie actress (played by Patricia Heaton). Directed & Produced by David Hunt Written by Rodney Vaccaro Cast Summer – Eve Gordon Hoyt – Fred Willard Robert – Tom McGowan Sara – Martha MacIsaac Lenny – Dov Tiefenbach Colin – David Hunt Announcer – Todd Waring Interviewer – Paul Hart-Wilder Evelyn – Patricia Heaton Himself – William H. Macy Director of Photography Rene Jung Editor – Rich Ervis Casting Director – Heidi Levitt Line Producer – Paulina Hatoupis Assistant Director – Paul Hart-Wilden Production Designer – Katie Byron Production Coordinator – Phoebe Schakeroff Managing Supervisor – JB Popplewell Key Graffer – Sandra Valde Swing – Mike Viera Sound Mixer – Andrejs Prokopenko Sound Assist – Denielle Rose Additional Sound -Matt Sanchez Music by – Joe DiPadova & Rich Evirs Make-up – Lorraine Martin & Kim Wooten Additonal Make-up – Natalie Vermiglo Stylist – Ricci DeMartino & Miko Nishida Ms. Heaton’s Hair & Make-up – Brett Freedman Wardrobe Designer – Rosa Madina Wardrobe Assist – Nicole Boutiette Stage Manager – Brian Gadson Sound Design & Editorial – Danetracks, Inc. Supervising Sound Editor – Mark Larry Re-Recording Mixer/Dialogue Editor – Alexander Gruzdev Photoshop Graphics