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This made me TONS of cash. Not sure how it would work now, but yu can test it pretty cheaply with just a few blinkies. I’ll have a bunch of wholesale sources for these when I get back from the tradeshow on 8/15/9 hit me up after that for the contact list or Google for wholesale sources. Cheers! khDISCLAIMER: Any and all information or advice given is merely my opinion. This is provided with no warranties or guarantees. If you need to, you are advised to seek professional advice regarding any accounting, business or legal matters as applies to any advice or info I may suggest. Use this information at your own risk!!! Kinghuman accepts NO liability for any losses or consequences as a result of your use of any information supplied in any of my videos. If you spill hot coffee on yourself while watching one of my videos, too bad! If you are abducted by aliens and probed up your rectum while watching one of my videos, too bad! If you do not agree with the above, dont watch my videos or do what I suggest in them! Fool.

Web Video Marketing: Production, Distribution & Online Promotion – Sim Partners

simpartners.com http twitter.com (800)-260-3380 Working with our Emmy Award winning team we will create high quality video content that will serve multiple purposes: * Video content that can be placed on your web site to help increase conversion rates * Comprehensive Web Video Distribution & Online Promotion * Google 30 second TV ad’s * B-Roll footage that could be reused for multiple purposes The web pages and web videos will be promoted by these methods: * Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We will also optimize these web pages to receive good organic rankings on the major search engines. * Online video distribution partners — we will optimize these videos to receive top rankings on the video web sites that will drive traffic, awareness and conversions. Online video distribution partners are: • YouTube • iTunes • Google Video • Yahoo! Video • Vimeo • MSN Soapbox • DailyMotion • MetaCafe • TripAdvisor • Etc… Strategic Internet Marketing Partners 1601 Sherman Ave, 3rd Floor • Evanston, IL 60201 (800)-260-3380

Online Video Marketing Tips – Interview With Louis Jonathan From ProfitsMasterPlan.com

GideonShalwick.com Today I had a great time answering some questions from Louis Jonathan about online video and our Become A Blogger Premium course. Inside, I reveal things like – How I earn a living online… – Why video marketing is the future of traffic generation… – How you can cash in on this growing phenomenon of online video marketing… – My best advice for getting started with your own online business fast! – A final tip for helping you succeed online… Please leave a comment below the video and let me know your thoughts. I’d LOVE to hear from you! Best regards Gideon Shalwick PS: Oh and also, if you’re interested in finding out how you can use YouTube to help build your email subscriber list, just go here: KillerYouTubeStrategies.com —

Web Hosting Gone Wild PART 1

PEER 1 Growing Pains Episode 1 – ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.’ Hilarious video series about web hosting. Episode 1 ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ finds Todd brings home a surprise for Janet. “This is going to grow into something beautiful,” exclaims Todd. He’s right. Well, sort of.

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Next Generation Web Hosting with SquareSpace

In this video, I talk about a new premiere web hosting company called Squarespace.com. I learned about this site when I appeared on This Week In Tech (TWiT), and I decided to check it out. Squarespace takes a different approach on the typical control panel and gives you a WYSIWYG interface which is basically drag and drop and clickable. Squarespace doesn’t require you to know HTML or CSS. If you are interested in trying it, there is a 14-day free trial. There are many different plans/pricing so check it out at squarespace.com (Use the code twit for 10% off).