How Graphic Design Plays An Essential Role In Effective Consumer Marketing

Graphic design has always played a very important role for businesses in projecting a desired image, but the field has gained even more prominence lately with increasing competition and multiple media types being used to attract customers. Corporate websites and marketing are two areas where graphic design is of utmost importance.

The functions of a business website have increased in recent times and there is a great deal of emphasis on developing striking and unique websites. Graphic design plays a vital part here. A positive corporate image can be built if the website is user-friendly with eye-catching and professional looking graphics.

Product promotion campaigns also involve intensive use of graphic design. Graphic design comes into play in most of the ways of marketing a product, such as ads on television, packaging of the product, external advertising etc., so that the promotional material appeals to the customers. With big amounts of money being spent on the promotion of a product, better graphic designs help in giving a competitive edge to the company’s campaign. And, as described at business awards business to business campaigns too require effective graphics.

Graphic designs are of great importance in the development of other promotional and non-promotional materials too such as leaflets, visiting cards and internal newsletters. With so many different mediums through which a company projects itself, it is important that a consistent image and an appropriate message go out to the audience. Design experts like the ones at Skinzee Web Designers can be helpful in this area.

What a company achieves in terms of graphic design is of course dependent on how much money it is ready to spend, as sophisticated designs need skillful designers who come at a higher cost. However, that should not be a reason for small businesses to refrain from using graphic design. Complexity does not guarantee success; the most important thing is that the design should be able to connect with the customer.

How The Least Qualified Earn The Most

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search engine optimization, and How PageRank Works

When building a website and conducting search engine optimization, it won’t be long until you come across the term PageRank. People have obsessed about PageRank over the years, but what is it, and how exactly does it work? Being a responsible web design, and search engine optimization, company it has been our job to find out.

Google PageRank was developed in 1995 by Google creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin as a means to organize the mass of data that was forming on the Internet. In the early days of the World Wide Web websites were massed together on portals and bulletin boards and it was very difficult to find what you were looking for. Larry Page and Sergey Brin put their heads together at the Stanford University in California, USA and developed the PageRank system, which then led on to the Google search engine.

PageRank works by utilizing the linking structure that the web offers, to let the websites themselves decide what other websites are about, and how important they are. It works by counting the number of links a web page has pointed towards it by other websites. The logic is that if there are many websites pointing at a page of a single website, then that page must be pretty important. And if the anchor text, that is the words that contain the link to the page in question contain the words “blue widgets”, then logically that web page must be about blue widgets. Google the search engine would then serve up the page to anyone that is conducting a search for “blue widgets”.

PageRank is worked out on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most important. This is why in the early days of search engine optimization PageRank was considered very important for search engine optimization. A link to a website from another website which had a high PR would usually be enough to get a website on to the front page of Google. In fact it is a bit more complicated than that.

PageRank is itself a probability, so a number is always included between 1 and 0

A PageRank 1 means that a random exploration of the Google index (taking any page then following the external links) will lead to the site in 100% of the cases.

A PageRank of 0.5 means that the same will be true in 50% of any random exploration, which is already a very large number.

With 15 billions of pages in the index, any page would have a minimum PageRank of. 6,66666E-11 (or if you prefer 0,0000000000666666). All the pages in the index are sorted in ascending order on the PageRank. All the pages below a minimum are ignored and given a PR 0.

Then 90% of the first remaining pages are given a PR 1.

90% of the remaining 10% of the previous step are given a PR2

again, 90% of the remaining 10% of the previous step are given a PR3….and so on until PR10.

It means several things:

1) the more pages being added to the index, the more links you will need just to keep the same PR.

2) Within a same class of PR, different pages can have a large difference of real PageRank, and you’ll never know if a page is at the lowest limit or the highest limit of a given class. If a page is at the highest limit, just a few additional links may be needed to reach the upper PR, while another page of the same class may need thousands additional links to get to the upper PR.

Due to the way it is sorted, among the 30-40 existing PR10 pages, their real Page Rank could be 0,876543 for the highest and 0,3219876 for the lowest, which is a really huge difference, but both pages will display the PR10 green bar.

This could be developed further by considering if Google conducts explorations based on categories. It would make sense that for an exploration of the index for the key search phrase “web design” would yield around a billion results. It would then be much harder for a website that was in the category of web design to achieve a PR5, that it would be for a website in the category of “lawnmower repair”, in which there might only be around a million results.

PageRank is far less important for search engine optimization now than it used to be, but is still worth bearing in mind for search engine optimization campaigns that are aimed at competitive categories. It may be a lot harder to achieve PageRank in a competitive field, than in a non competitive field.

Just for the record this article was written by DeepSpaceDesign an innovative and ambitious website design and search engine optimisation company based in the UK. Thank you for reading.

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The Benefits Of Professional Web Design And SEO

As a web design company the first request we get from customers is for an fantastic looking website that will impress visitors and help to generate more business. This is a very reasonable request, and completely understandable from a business point of view. Fortunately we have a fantastic graphic designer that can produce website designs that our clients love.

Generally in that first conversation the subject of SEO comes up. If our clients don’t mention it to us, then we feel it is our duty as a responsible web design service to raise the subject and to explain what it is, and what rewards it can have.

Many companies that own websites are now savvy to how important search engine optimization is, and we get many requests lately purely for our SEO services. But there are still the uninitiated that have never heard of SEO. After we explain that SEO is the process of ranking well on search engines, and most specifically on Google, our uninitiated clients look at us with a sense of wonder and you can almost see the penny dropping. Some clients are skeptical and some clients are outright against the idea as they are on a considerably tight budget. But the enlightened ones are intrigued and push us to tell them more on this new wonder called SEO.

You have to have a certain amount of forward thinking about you to understand the importance of SEO. And people with a little bit of the entrepenuer in them tend to grasp the concept and run with it.

For example there was the painter and decorator who requested a website to be built by us and wanted the full SEO service. He wanted to be front page of Google for all things associated with decorating. His friends and peers, and even his own family told him it would be a waste of time and money and that people in the real world just do not search on the Internet for something like a painter and decorator.

Well we gave him the full SEO works. A website that was built from the ground up with SEO in mind. A reviews section, and an advice section filled with great content. A links section and a steady link building campaign. Directory and article submissions, even getting him a spot on Wikipedia. His website was fantastic and before long we were getting swampedbarraged with people requesting link exchanges, because they could see what potential the website had.

Roll forward twelve months when the good ole Google aging delay was finally over, and Google had danced it’s last “Google” dance, and this forward thinking painter and decorator had a website that was front page of Google for all his relevant keywords. I called him up to see how he was getting on as I hadn’t heard from him for a few months. When I spoke to him he said he didn’t have much time to speak as he had been literally barraged with work. The phone hadn’t stopped ringing; he was getting emails almost daily from customers wanting to use his decorating services. He had to take on more staff and expand to keep up with the constant demand for his services.

In short the website had paid for itself many times over in just 12 months. And because we had done such a thorough job that we had got to the point where we could stop working on the project, he could now enjoy the second year at the top of Google, with constant enquiries for his services, completely free of charge! In fact we built his website in 2006 and here we are in 2009 without having touched the website for 2 years and the website is still at the top of Google, and he is still getting lots of enquiries and lots of work from it.

A well designed website and good search engine optimization program are still the single most smartest investment any company can make. It takes a little forward thinking, and is a long term investment rather than short term. And as every good SEO company will tell you there is an element of risk involved, as front page success cannot be guaranteed.

But the benefits of effective SEO are huge, and we have many other tales about the success of the SEO we have achieved for our clients websites. Yes web design is important, but search engines are the air that websites breathe. And without search engine optimization your website will be starved of air, .. and visitors.

So if anyone reading this is skeptical about the power of the web, and about the power of the almost god-like search engine we call Google, then think again! Only make sure you choose the right SEO company, because it can be a bit of a minefield out there!

Just for the record this article was written by DeepSpaceDesign an innovative and ambitious web design and search engine optimisation company based in the UK.

Thank you for reading.

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Help Your Company Get Noticed with Flash Website Development

There are many different categories of websites out there and if you are contemplating putting together your own page, it is first important to know what type of site you want. If you are looking to have more of an informative website then your design is more than likely going to be pretty straightforward. If you are looking for more of an interactive, entertaining site then you might want to get used to the concept of a flash website design.

Flash was created by in 1996 as a multimedia program. Its main usages today are in streaming sound and video on websites and it is also used in website animation. Understanding this will give you a clearer idea if a flash page design is best for you. If you are interested in having video or audio on your new website then a flash design will be in order.

One question many individuals have is the cost of a quality professional website design. The answer depends on how willing you are to do yourself a favor and search around. Many of the smaller web development firms can be hired for half the cost of the bigger agencies. Their overhead is lower and they’ll likely be more willing to work with you on smaller projects. The best thing about a interactive page is that flash is the industry standard for streaming video and audio as well as website animation. With this product being used so widely in website design, it is likely that you will not have a difficult time finding a flash design that fits into whatever budget you have for your website design.

Another advantage is that with a flash website layout you are not dealing in beta technology. Flash is an industry standard and has been around for 13 years. While that may not seem that long for and auto make, it is an eternity in the software industry. The point is that this interactive software is a attested product. It is highly unimaginable that someone considering a flash design will have inquiries as to whether it will work.

Having a flash website design can often times give your website the “stickiness” it needs to keep people interested and more importantly, to keep people coming back to your website. In some cases, less interactive flash can still offer a wide array of benefits. Video and streaming audio is not just for the interactive, social networking sites. Regardless of what professional website design you are planning, it is a good bet that flash has something for you.

Make a Statement for your Company with Custom Website Development

It is hard in today’s world for a business to survive without a website. A good website is a valuable tool when properly designed and promoted. Many people do not know how to develop and build their own website for their business, so they call in the experts for custom web development. Professional web developers who are specifically trained in custom website design can build a beautiful website for any business. The experts at Effect Media make sure your website conveys you and your product or service by talking to you and learning about you. This helps them create the perfect website for you, and helps you increase your business profits.

Having a great team on your side to develop a strategy catered to your specific business product or service can increase your business by creating the right content for seo web design and advertising better. This is how your build a customer base for current and future sales. This is done with custom website design with the proper keywords and phrases that put your website within the first page of search results. Most Internet users rarely go past that first page, so that is a big deal. Because you need your business website to be accessible, make sure SEO is part of your business strategy plan when developing your website. Expert web designers will know just how to do this for you so you can take care of your business without the hassle of trying to keep up with all the changes that occur on the Internet.

Included with your custom website development you will also get flash animated page overlays, interactive banners, and peelbacks to aid in advertising. Video editing for any streaming video that is to be used on your website can be done to personalize your website. This whole process is custom made for your business along with a team that listens to what your business is all about, provides a strategic development plan for you, and puts together a professional website that is custom made just for your product or service. When your website is finished, you only have to advertise it.