Using WordPress, how do I make my about page the same format as my home page?

Question by Ben B: , how do I make my the as my page?
I currently use with the hosting service of Now, I have my home page set to be the wordpress blog. However, their is a tab on the home page for an “about” page. I have written the about page in the wordpress editor, however when I click on the about page, it just turns to a white background with unorganized and un-stylized text and graphics. How can I make the “about” page the same format (basically the same theme) as my home page?

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Answer by Οραγλε Δελφοί (Oracle of Delphi)
what I usually do in these situations is make a copy of the home page, ditch the about page and save the copy as the about page, then edit the heck out of it.

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