Q&A: How do I switch move my WordPress.com blog to a site where I have complete control?

Question by BENNY V: How do I my to a site where I have ?
I paid for a domain name through WordPress.com and would like to move to a hosting site, keep the domain name, keep the theme, import the blog posts, and be able to add plug-ins. Is this doable?

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Answer by loki
What you want to do is to open a website account with a good web host. Then you use Fantastico to make a new WordPress blog.
You then upload all your pages from the old blog to the new blog. So the new blog is basically a copy of the old one.

Once all of your stuff is on the new blog, you go to the old blog and you setup a 301 redirect, for each of your posts. So if someone types in the address of a post, they are redirected to that post on your new blog.

Below I have put a link to a plugin to automate the 301 redirect process, an article about good blog hosts and an article about how the search engines see the transfer.

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