Could someone quickly introduce WordPress for me? I’m confused what is free and what is not free there?

Question by eguru: for me? I’m what is and what is not ?
I don’t wanna pay for it because blogger is free but I want to have one blog on wordpress however I am confused about what is free and what is not. Such as some themes are free but customizing them is not free?

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Answer by Ask Steve
You can have a “free” WordPress blog @ It comes with the basic theme available and a few plugins. The terms of service for limit you to non-commercial personal use of the blog and expressly forbid you from using it for profit (and yes they have closed down accounts for it)
Blogger is also “free” and although they do allow some use of Google AdSense blogger is also not intended for commercial use.
The biggest drawback in either situation is that you DO NOT own any of your content. In the end on either format they can shut your site down without warning anytime they want. Although in both case you can move your content to a format you do own you can not do so if your site has been deemed to have broken the TOS and shut down.
On the other hand WordPress hosted on your own hosting account is free to use with no restrictions. This version of WP comes from (although in most cases your host provider will already have it ready for you to install for free as a part of your host account) From there you will find that there are literally thousands of free themes to choose from as well as a whole lot of paid ones should you need. With a hosted WP you can install and use any plugin you want and you will find that there is pretty much a plugin that will do anything you are looking for.

Hope that helps a little!

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