Best free wordpress theme for Diary?

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Hey,today,am active in maintaining my Diary on wordpress as a web site.i have started it as a submit but afterwards,when say i have to publish some thing on a following day,i finish up with modifying the earlier submit.this seems to be frantic and not one thing sensible adequate when you want to categorise every addition that you make,aid me as a very good free of charge concept is the only choice i am seeing…and pls dont say about plugins that desire a distinct server for hosting.

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Hi there buddy,

WordPress is essentially running a blog software, where separate posts are developed with a distinct date, and can be assigned a class. This tends to make it excellent for an on-line diary.

What you will want to do is produce a separate diary entry as a post. Every submit will have it can be very own date, and you can position the publish in the category of your alternative.

WordPress will also group these by month, and you can show people in a sidebar widget if you want.

Most themes exhibit posts in chronological order with the latest article at the leading of the entrance web page. So essentially you can use any concept you desire, WordPress will just take treatment of the rest.

I hope this will help.

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