What is a good web-based billing/payment processing & CRM system?

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I am in the process of having a website built that is going to offer 2 services for sale. I am shopping for a good web-based billing/payment processing & CRM system and need some help! I have looked at ClientExec, WHMCS, AWBS and ModernBill.

Does anyone have experience with the above mentioned tools or can anyone guide me to comparable system? I like ClientExec but the one thing that steered me away from them is the fact that they only offer 6months of support & they DONT offer upgrades with your lifetime license purchase.

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Answer by Jodie
Take a look at MS CRM Online – you can use your website as a landing page and you’ll be able to do basic invoicing. There’s online support and a resource center for additional help.

The solution doesn’t have billing out of the box – you could integrate a 3rd party solution if you like the rest of the MS CRM Online features.

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