Im Thinking of starting my own Web hosting company?

Question by Sal: Im of my own Web ?
I always liked Setting up site,
So i was thinking of Starting my own web Hosting Company what do you think?

What Else would i need. Im going to buy a Reseller hosting, Plus WHMCS
Yep im going to get the customers To Write a Feed back 🙂

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Answer by cjdogger
You would need a big ePenis

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3 thoughts on “Im Thinking of starting my own Web hosting company?

  1. Make sure you get a good reseller hosting a lot promise you unlimited this and that but infact have many policys that will end up getting you removed and with it your company, a good site i usually use to find out what going on is it has loads of article reviews on hosting.

  2. You must decide the size, for an example consider about the reselling account. First get a cheap one with big space and enough bandwidth. Then you can assign plans. you can get a nice idea from , by the way there are many packages to get web hosting.

  3. here i found this great web page which helps in starting a hosting company by giving tips on marketing , installation and other FAQs

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